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 Welcome to North East Ice Fishing

     This site was created out of a need to promote ice fishing in the north east as well as ice fishing in general. There are many sites of information out there and some are hard to find and here it is our mission to make that search easier. We have developed a mass of information and experience that we want to share, to improve your fishing experiences. Within this site you will find useful articles from us and the writers from the Persuaders Network.

 This is the home of the Original Ice Fishing Only Talk Show  North East Ice Fishing Podcast  Featuring the Panfish Persuader.  Click here to hear the best available.  In this show you will hear from industry professionals, talk about new products, learn new tips and get insight into some of the best ice fishing the east has available. If that is not enough we provide exclusive interview of the winners for many great tournament series across North America.


Within ice fishing it is largely becoming popular to fish in tournaments and derbies. We participate in  pro style series in the north east as well as some smaller derbies. These events are a must attend for all anglers if at least only once. Whether you fish a small derby or a larger organized tournament you will find many anglers willing to share tips and a brotherhood that is seldom found in many events. Most anglers are very social and eager to meet new people. These are the social events of the ice fishing community.


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